Britton Gregory, CFP®


I'm a fee-only, fiduciary financial planner and investment manager in Austin, TX, and I specialize in working with tech professionals. I founded this firm in 2012, and was helping people with their finances for years before that.


I was an engineer for nearly twenty years, so I greatly prefer a research- and analysis-based approach to finance, rather than flashy salesmanship. More tax-efficient investing and research-proven factors of increased returns, and less market timing and hedge funds.


Also, I stand out at financial advisor conferences, because I rarely wear a suit. Why? Simply put, I don't wear a suit because I'm not a salesman


And yes, I'm a nerd who loves playing video games with my kids on weekends!

Shahirah Mahther

Ops Specialist

It's pronounced like Shakira (the singer), but with an "h" instead of a "k". I'm not a great singer (yet!), but I am great at organization and efficiency.


I'm an operations specialist based out of Central Pennsylvania, and my experience as a financial paraplanner helps me to assist and guide clients with clear communication and efficient execution.


I hold a Bachelor of Business Degree from Florida Atlantic University (cum laude) majoring in finance and I have a background in teaching college-level statistics and calculus.


My primary responsibility at Seaborn Financial is to support Britton in all aspects of operations and client engagement. I am FINRA Series 65 Uniform Investment Adviser Law Exam licensed, and it is my dream to become a full-fledged financial advisor one day (beat that Shakira!)


I live in Central Pennsylvania with my husband and young child. And although she is too young to play, my daughter enjoys watching me kick my husband's behind in video games, as I too love geeking out on the weekends (almost as much as Britton). 

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