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July 22, 2018

I don't normally write about specific companies, as I prefer to talk more about concepts than about people or things. Having said that, I'm going to break from the norm today and talk about Dimensional Fund Advisors...mostly because I end up spending a lot of t...

July 9, 2018

Let's face it: the financial services industry hasn't exactly been a beacon of transparency when it comes to the fees you pay. That's slowly changing, but in the meantime, let's arm you with knowledge: what fees are out there, and what should you expect...

June 18, 2018

John Oliver's bit on financial advisors is an excellent (and hysterical) segment, and he hits the nail on the head: the term "financial advisor" is so ill-defined as to be meaningless. If someone calls themself a "financial advisor", that actual...

June 11, 2018

As engineers, one of our greatest weaknesses is a blindness to our own irrationality. We tend to think that we view the world through a uniquely analytical lens, and are immune to the cognitive biases that plague humanity.

Nope, nope, nope.

Moreover, our cognitive biases...

June 4, 2018

So how much volatility are you capable of taking on in exchange for higher returns? How much volatility are you willing to take on? The first is your risk capacity, and the second is your risk tolerance. Those are the high-level questions that will determine your portf...

May 14, 2018

In the spirit of "The Last Conversation You’ll Ever Need to Have About Eating Right", let's talk about planning for retirement withdrawals.

May 7, 2018

Is there an effect of the recent removal of the investment management fee deduction on tax strategy? Short answer: no. Longer answer: read on.

April 23, 2018

From how much to save to where to stash your savings, here's what you need to know.

March 19, 2018

Most people know that they should have some savings set aside for "a rainy day". But how much exactly? What's the definition of "a rainy day"? What kind of account should they use? By optimizing these details, you can squeeze the last bit of ear...

March 12, 2018

(Warning: this can get pretty complicated pretty quickly. If you're the type who easily falls into analysis paralysis, implement the "mirror" strategy to start with and come back when you've got cycles to spare.)

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