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I'm a fee-only, fiduciary financial planner and investment manager in Austin, TX, and I work with companies to provide financial wellness benefit programs to their employees. I was a firmware engineer for twenty years, which informs my approach to speaking -- no-nonsense, data-driven, and conversational. I favor jeans and interactive discussions over suits and formal presentations!

Why Financial Wellness Benefits?

Corporate Services

  • Lunch & Learns - informal group speaking and Q&A sessions

  • Office Hours - 90-minute one-on-one sessions

Speaking Topics

  • The Financial Geek On: Becoming Your Own Financial Planner

  • The Financial Geek On: Cash Flow Management That Works -- And Doesn’t Suck Your Life Away

  • The Financial Geek On: Investment Geekery, Research-Based Investing and Asset Allocation

  • The Financial Geek On: Hyper-Optimizing Your Employee Benefits

  • The Financial Geek On: Efficiently Balancing Spending, Saving, and Paying Down Debt

  • The Financial Geek On: Reducing Risk With Smart, Cheap Insurance

  • Others upon request

Prior Engagements

  • Silicon Labs

  • Concordia University

  • Favor/H-E-B Digital

  • St. David's Episcopal Church

  • US Probation and Pretrial Services - Northern District of Texas

  • Leander High School


Lunch & Learn series: what does it look like?

I offer a fully-customized series of “lunch & learn” events, designed to educate employees on how to set up and implement their own personal financial plan, including how to incorporate their other employee benefits into that plan. This not only enables employees to improve their financial well-being, but it highlights and underscores the value of their other benefits! 

The standard lunch & learn series looks like this:


  1. The fundamental building blocks of a personal financial plan

  2. Creating a budget that works -- and doesn’t suck the life out of you

  3. Using inexpensive insurance and personal savings to mitigate risk

  4. Reducing debt

  5. Investing 101: what you need to know

  6. Maximizing your employee benefits, and how they fit into your financial picture

The sessions are ninety minutes each, with sixty minutes for me to speak and thirty for people to ask questions. I've discovered that having a decent chunk of time for Q&A allows for even more personalization, as I'm able to address specific issues that are brought up (and are virtually never unique to the person asking the question). And if people don't have questions, I'll have some of my own to get the conversation going ("Britton, what do you think about bitcoin?" "Well, Britton, I'm glad you asked...").

While I have a standard “flow” and set of topics, the series is fully customized to your company. You’ll be able to share information on your benefits package, 401(k) investment options, etc., so that I can speak directly to them. The individual sessions are modular, so I can put in and take out pieces as needed. 

Also, I'm always coming up with new presentations, so if you have a request, just let me know! For example, I'd love to do a class on Investing 201: Advanced Topics, e.g. Fama-French factors of investment returns, tax-loss harvesting, tax-efficient asset location and the like.

The logistics are flexible as well. We can space out the sessions in the way that best fits your company, be it weekly, monthly, or some other frequency. Also, the "lunch" part is optional, as this can just as easily be over coffee in the morning or beer in the afternoon. The latter works exceptionally well if people need a little help to loosen up and ask what's really on their minds! The lunch can be brown-bag or you can have it brought in, whichever is customary for your company. For presenting, I almost always use a screen or projector, but a whiteboard can do if those aren't available.

I charge $500 for a one-off seminar, invoiced after I've presented; for each session after that in a series, it's $300. And to be clear: I won't be selling anything. I'll have a stack of business cards with me in case people want to get in touch afterwards, but that's it. 


In-House Financial Planner: Office Hours


In addition to lunch & learns, I offer an "office hours" option for employees who want a one-off consultation, offered by your company either in conjunction with or instead of the lunch & learn series. The framework is a 90-minute session where we discuss the topic(s) of the employee’s choice, after which I send a summary of the discussion and my recommendations (including results of any post-meeting analysis or research on my part), followed by 7 days of e-mail discussion on any further questions. 
The fee for each office hours session is $360. I’m flexible as to whether this is paid by your company, the employee, or a combination of the two. I recommend that the employee pays at least part, as my experience shows that people are much more likely to take action when they have some "skin in the game", as it were.



Britton is a Certified Financial Planner® professional and a former engineer. 

If you're interested in implementing an independent financial wellness program, I'd love to meet with you!

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