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Under the Hood

Interested in what it looks like “under the hood” at Seaborn Financial? Below are the tools we use to make your (and our) lives better!

Tech You Directly Interact With


eMoney is our financial planning tool. We use it to run calculations such as Monte Carlo simulations, tax projections, and cash flow simulations.


It also serves as our account aggregation tool, allowing you to securely link your various financial institutions to your Seaborn account, giving you real-time visibility into your complete financial picture!


Schwab is the custodian we use for assets that we manage. They've consistently been in the forefront of low-cost and well-automated custodianship, while having the flexibility required to do all the Stuff We Need To Do.


Orion is our investment management software. While Schwab holds the actual investments and does the actual buying and selling, Orion does everything else: performance reporting, rebalancing, tax-loss harvesting, tax-efficient asset location, investment management billing, you name it!


FeeX allows Seaborn to directly manage "held-away" accounts like 401(k)'s, 403(b)'s, and HSA's, letting your entire portfolio work as a cohesive whole! 


We use Kwanti for historical portfolio analysis. How would a given portfolio have performed over the past twenty years? How much would it have lost during various financial crises? What holdings are contributing the most to its volatility and expense? By answering these and other questions, we can effectively begin to analyze client portfolios -- and our own.


This is what we use for our data-gathering. It's secure, robust, has a great UX, and passes the data very nicely to and from Wealthbox and eMoney, allowing us to prepopulate fields with the data we already have. We believe strongly in making data gathering as painless as possible for you!


While Orion powers our investment management billing, we use AdvicePay to handle payments for our other service offerings. It easily handles either bank or credit card payments, with no additional fee on your part, no matter what payment method you choose.


Using Acuity, you can schedule a meeting with us without having to go back-and-forth on who’s available when. Just log on, find a time, and schedule! We also love it because it integrates nicely with both our internal calendar and Zoom (see below).


While we love in-person meetings, Zoom allows us to chat with you (and each other) wherever you are, rather than forcing you to come to us. The interface works well, and the call quality is always good!

Tech We Use Behind the Scenes


Hate physical paperwork? So do we. Whenever possible, we use automated electronic signatures to make life just a little easier for everyone involved.


MailChimp powers our periodic e-mails, from blog subscriptions to our quarterly client newsletters. This lets us spend less time in our inboxes and more time helping you!


TextExpander is just a neat way to save time typing. It takes little key combos and expands them into longer ones, so you can easily type out your name, address, or other commonly-used bit of text in just a couple of keystrokes. If you ever write repetitive text sets -- like oh, say, programming languages -- we think you might like it!


We love Google around here. We use G Mail for e-mail, Google Drive for document storage, Google Calendar for our internal scheduling, and Google Analytics for website analysis. The list of Google products grows longer each year!


Wix is our website provider; we use it to quickly and easily update our website to contain the content we want.


Behind any good business is a good bookkeeper, and ours is FABeanCounters. They in turn use Quickbooks Online, which allows us to run reports at any time to make sure that we’re on track, financially speaking. 


Wealthbox is our CRM (“Customer Relationship Management”) platform. We use it not only as a 21st-century rolodex, but also to manage our workflows. By automating and “checklistifying” our processes, we make sure everything runs smoothly, and that bugs are kept out of the system.


Zapier is the glue that holds our tech together, so that e.g. scheduling an appointment in Acuity creates contacts and tasks in Wealthbox and sends a message in Slack. Honestly, I have to restrain myself not to spend all my time creating Zaps...


“Fax? Are you kidding me?” Yes, fax is an ancient technology -- but it’s an order of magnitude more secure than e-mail, so sometimes it’s necessary in the financial world. For those few-and-far-between times, we use HelloFax to avoid having to purchase a fax machine or go to the local Staples.


Gusto handles benefits & payroll, and it Just Works. Hard to argue with something that handles the administrivia for us, so we can focus on the stuff we're good at!


Guideline is our employees' 401(k) provider, giving us access to low cost, diversified index funds, and like Gusto, it Just Works!

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