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Our Waitlist

While we have room to take on financial planning clients, we can't take on all of you all at once, so we have a waitlist! You can still schedule a discovery session per below, and if we feel like we’re a good fit for each other, we’ll put you on it. I’ll update you periodically (every month or two) as to how soon we expect your turn to come up. 

Currently, the waitlist goes out 4 months, to June 2024. Note that this will move up or down as capacity changes, people decide to join/leave the waitlist, etc.

Note: Office Hours has no waitlist! Many clients like to use that to get their more time-sensitive questions answered, saving the deeper analysis and long-term optimization for the comprehensive plan. We can talk more about this during the discovery session!

Let's Talk

Further down this page, you'll find a widget that will let you schedule a 30-minute Discovery Session with me. But what's a "discovery session"? What do you need to bring? Who's this Seaborn Financial guy, anyway? Here's a short video that should help.

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