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the financial geek

Money is awesome, isn’t it?

It’s like raw energy. You can use it to get a car, get stuff to make the car go, get a place to park it, fix it when it’s broken, or paint it when you decide you don’t like the color. You could even pay someone to drive it, if you wanted to. It can do almost anything. Handy stuff!

But it can also be a huge headache, and in so many ways…

  • Maybe you’re trying to make finances work with your significant other, and you’re finding out that you just don’t see eye-to-eye when it comes to spending.

  • Maybe you’re trying to get out of debt, but every time you manage to kill the balance on your card, some unexpected expense comes up and puts you right back where you started.

  • Maybe you keep getting slammed with late payment fees — or maybe you just hate sitting down to pay the bills — and you wish there were a way to organize things so that your bills would handle themselves, with just minimal oversight from you.

  • Maybe you want to start saving up for something big, like a vacation or a house or even retirement, but somehow there’s not any money left at the end of the month. (Maybe you’re not even sure where it all goes.)

  • Maybe your personal finances are just a huge mess, and you don’t even know where to start.

This is when you want a financial geek.

You’ve heard of the Geek Squad, right? They’re the guys from Best Buy that you can hire to set up your PC or entertainment center or what-have-you. You tell them your situation, tell them how you want things set up, and they’ll take care of all the geekery. They’ll get the system set up, teach you enough so that you can maintain it yourself, and leave their card so that you can call if something goes awry.

What if you could have a financial geek to do the same thing with your finances? Someone who could come in, take a look at your situation, and help you set up a system to get things the way you want. Of course, unlike entertainment centers, you can’t fix your personal finances in a single afternoon, and money requires a bit more maintenance than most electronics; that’s why you would probably want to set up ongoing meetings, maybe once every few weeks for six months or so, until you felt comfortable taking care of things on your own.

The good news is: such geeks exist, and would like nothing better than to help out with your financial headaches. Sound interesting? Click here for more info on how Financial Geekery coaching works.

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