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Financial Geekery Monthly Reminders: keeping you on track, a little at a time

Remember all that financial stuff you’ve been thinking about doing? You know, like updating your credit report, figuring out when the best time would be to buy a new PC, or backing up your financial information? Yeah, it sits in the back of your head, but it flies out the moment you sit down to your computer (and open up facebook). Well, what if you had an e-mail that popped into your inbox at the beginning of every month, reminding you of just a few of those things. “Next month’s items can wait,” it would say — “just do these things, this month.” After a year, you’d be doing pretty well, wouldn’t you?

As it so happens, such a thing exists: the Financial Geekery Monthly Reminder. No trick, no gimmicks, just a pretty little e-mail in your inbox to give you that little push to get your finances in line. Sound great? Click here — and click on the Facebook icon below, to clue your friends in.

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