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August 7, 2012

While this blog is a great source of financial info and discussion, I feel that it’s my duty to inform you of another: our facebook page! If you Like it, not only will you get links to articles from this blog, but you’ll get excellent micro-posts with links to other news sources, like:


A great review of the Nest: A thermostat that learns? Three months with the Nest


Tips on using Google Calendar for personal finance: Manage Your Money with Google Calendar


Another review of the Ooma (curiously, published just after ours was): Frugal VOIP Home Phone Service


Exactly how much money it takes to be happy: Don’t Indulge. Be Happy


And more. Hey, if you’re going to take a Facebook break, why not use it to enrich yourself? So head on over there — and while you’re at it, post a question! I guarantee you’ll get an answer, whether from me or one of the other financial geeks that like to visit.

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