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New: financial planning (or investment management) your way!

When I started Seaborn, I had a sneaking suspicion that I was going to have to expand my services. Tech professionals are a super-smart bunch, and some of you have already invested a ton of time into getting a financial plan up and running yourselves. I suspected you might see the value in a fee-only financial advisor, but in a more customized capacity than "full-on comprehensive financial plan".

As it turns out, I wasn't wrong. Over the past few months, I've heard people say things like:

"Can you just help me analyze my employer stock options?"

"I've got a really cool retirement spreadsheet up and running...all I need is someone to run customized Monte Carlo simulations."

"My financial plan is mostly there, but I'd love an expert audit to see what opportunities I might have missed."

"Investment management looks interesting -- can I get that without a comprehensive financial plan?"

As of today, my answer is: absolutely! In addition to the standard Comprehensive Financial Planning + Investment Management offering (still our best deal), I've got two more:

Hourly Projects

A peek behind the curtain: "hourly work" is something a lot of financial advisors shun. Why? Because one-off projects often don't fit an advisor's standard processes. They require more creativity, more flexibility, and don't scale as nicely as e.g. investment management. What I've found, though, is that I look forward to hourly projects, precisely because they break the mold! I love doing a comprehensive financial plan, but I also love the change of pace that hourly projects provide.

So: for those of you want a fully-customized financial service, I'm pleased to offer Hourly Projects. We'll meet to figure out what the scope of the project will be, I'll do the work, and you'll pay my hourly rate monthly in arrears. (See the services page for my rate. I'd include it here, but I don't want to have to update this blog every time my rate changes!)

What sort of work might I do for you? Here are some ideas:

  • AMA (Ask Me Anything)

  • Financial plan audit

  • Retirement analysis/Monte Carlo simulation

  • Investment review & recommendations

  • Employer stock option analysis

Of course, these are just ideas -- with Hourly Projects, the sky's the limit! See the services page for more details.

Standalone Investment Management

Until this point, Investment Management has only been available as an add-on to Comprehensive Financial Planning. This allowed me to manage investments for anyone, regardless of how much they had in investable assets, and gave me confidence that their investment strategy matched their overall financial plan.

However, enough people have asked for a "standalone" Investment Management offering that I decided to decouple it from Comprehensive Financial Planning. As I said before: tech professionals know what they want! For now, this means that the standalone offering requires an asset minimum, but I've got ideas on how to lower that over time. Again, see the services page for the details.

Let's Talk!

Does one of those seem like it would be a good fit -- either for you or someone you know? Drop me a line with your questions, or schedule a call -- I'd be happy to geek out over whatever's on your mind!

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