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What to do about the Capital One hack

Wait, Capital One got hacked?

Yep. Looks like someone stole personal data of ten of millions of Capital One customers. It doesn't look like that data was used or sold or what-have-you, but still, Not Good.

Was I hacked?

If you were directly affected, Capital One will reach out to you. If you don't hear anything from them, your data probably wasn't stolen. Regardless, as I said above, it looks like the hacker was caught before she could do anything with the data, including sell it to anyone else.

What do I do?

My advice is always this: assume your data has already been stolen, and go from there. (When Equifax was hacked, around 40% of the American population was affected. Seriously, just assume someone has your data.) I've got a whole article on how to act based on that assumption. Read, mark, and inwardly digest it.

That's it?

Well, the article's 1700+ words long. But seriously, if you have specific questions after you read it, drop a comment or send an e-mail -- happy to answer!

Britton is an engineer-turned-financial-planner in Austin, Texas. As such, he shies away from suits and commissions, and instead tends towards blue jeans, data-driven analysis, and a fee-only approach to financial planning.

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