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We're hiring!

Know someone who loves (a) nerds, (b) financial planning, and (c) operations/administration? Send this their way!

Operations Specialist

I’m looking for an operations specialist who’s looking to grow with our company -- and loves working with Gen-X/Gen-Y nerds!


  • You must have at least two years of experience as an operations specialist or administrator, preferably in the financial planning and/or investment management industry.

  • Your initial duties will include assisting with a mix of various internal and client-facing items. Ultimately, virtually anything is on the table -- especially anything you’re better at than I am!

  • Should you desire, there will be opportunities for long-term growth and movement into other roles, such as client service and financial planning. But if you’re happy remaining in ops, that’s even better!

  • Initially, this will be a part-time role at roughly 10 hours per week. As the business grows, we will expand your hours accordingly, up to full-time.

  • This is a remote position. As long as you’re available during Central Time hours, you can live and work anywhere you like!

Compensation & Benefits

  • Initial pay will be $20/hour.

  • Pay increases will be determined on an annual basis.

  • As the business grows, we will expand your hours accordingly. Once you reach 30 hours/week, you will be eligible for benefits, to include healthcare and 401(k) offerings.

Initial Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Onboard clients into our financial planning and investment management systems, where not already fully automated.

  • Assist with recurring internal tasks, such as updating internal metrics and investment data.

  • Assist with recurring client-facing tasks, such as billing, meeting prep & follow-up, and documentation.

  • Assist with accounting activities, such as bookkeeping and budget maintenance.

  • Assist with marketing processes, such as pipeline reporting and maintenance.

  • Other tasks as they come up!

Potential Future Tasks and Responsibilities

  • As you become intimately familiar with our various workflows, you’ll be given more responsibility to automate, streamline, and otherwise improve them.

  • In addition, I’ll look to you to document processes, train other staff, and generally share your expertise.

  • As our operations department grows, we’ll need someone to manage the team.

  • Note: we’re a small business, so everything is on the table. Want to do client service? Internal planning work? Work towards your CFP®, eventually becoming a lead advisor? As the business grows and you demonstrate aptitude, opportunities will arise to move within the company.

Education, Experience, & Skills

  • At least two years of experience as an ops specialist or admin, preferably in the financial planning and/or investment management industry.

  • High level of expertise with virtual work tools such as Slack, Zoom, and G-Suite.

  • Expertise with CRM, financial planning, and investment management software such as Wealthbox, eMoney, and Orion.

  • Expertise with execution and modification of financial planning and investment management workflows.

Other Expectations

  • I’m an Xennial who’s a former engineer, and most of our clients are Gen-X or Gen-Y tech professionals or engineers (aka nerds). You don’t have to be any of those things, but you do have to love working with us!

  • You must be available during most of a 9-5 Central time workday. Hours are negotiable (e.g. not available after 3PM because that’s when the kids are home), but if you have a full-time day job, this is not a position for you. Also, bear in mind that while this position will start part-time, it will almost certainly ramp up to a full-time position.

  • You must indicate when you’re “in” or “out” of the office (e.g. via Slack statuses), not because I need to keep tabs on you at all times, but just so I know whether I can get a hold of you in real-time if I need a hand.

  • You must be comfortable using virtual communication to make up for the lack of in-person facetime (though we’ll have regular and impromptu virtual meetings as well). Any time a thought or question crosses your mind, I expect you to Slack or e-mail me or bring it up in our next meeting -- more communication is better!

  • You must be proactive and keep the larger picture in mind. This is a small business, which means that occasionally we’re going to get curveballs that aren’t properly handled by the normal processes. If the normal process doesn’t fit, you must be able to recognize this and adapt.

  • You must be comfortable receiving copious feedback, mostly affirming but sometimes redirecting.

  • A background check will be required.

Interested? Apply here!

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